Yiwei Yang (Victor)

Research Interests

High Performance Computing Symbolic Execution Blockchain & IoT GPGPU PL Reinforcement Learning


  • C, C++, Rust, Go
  • Riscv Assemly
  • CTF surroundings
  • CUDA, OpenGL
  • Python
  • OpenMP, MPI, Pthread
  • Vtune, gprof, Valgrind
  • R, matlab
  • LaTeX
  • Vue.js
  • MySQL
  • Linux, Git


BEing in Computer Science and Engineering

Shanghaitech, Shanghai
Shanghai, China
September 2018 - July 2022


Serving for HFT team by HPC automated DevOps stack

Jump Trading, Shanghai
Shanghai, China
June 2020 - July 2020
  • High Frequency Trade Order Book simulation applying Linear.Regression Method.
  • Applied salt and jinja to automate scheduling of jobs and assigning affinity of cpu cores in Linux DevOps.
  • Applied gobidng of gobpf to try IOVisor stuff.

Research Experiences

September 2019 - Present
Established a team of 16 undergraduate students for HPC related research. Navigated the first research funding from Inspur and Nvidia. Continually preparing and aiming for the top-tier student supercomputing competitions, including ASC, ISC and SC.
  • Optimized a parallel quantum computer simulater QuEST by reducing the cache-miss rate and introducing AVX2/AVX512 vectorization for CPU part and adopting NCCL comunication infro for GPU part.
  • Compiled and distributed climate simulator CESM on Azure with automated scheduling.

Research Assistant Intern
July 2019 - Present
  • Researching Adversarial Sample Detection for Deep Neural Network using foolbox and IBM-ART to improve accuracy of object recognition to prevent impostors from hacking into systems.
  • Researching MOVE metabolism in Libra currency source code to improve security against cyberattacks.

Highlighted Projects

    The value of VChain comes from the application of driver-assisted decision making and the innovation of the business model, the former relying on blockchain security and computation without latency, and the latter as a result of data aggregation and movement.
  • In one scope, multiple car sensors and their data transactions are trusted by the blockchain created by CPChain.
  • Artificial intelligence decision making, based on IoT big data. Heterogeneous data interoperability, resulting in big data aggregation.
  • Interaction and application of data assets, data assets are leveraging the verifiable characteristics of the main chain to benefit emerging business models such as insurance valuation.